The Malvern Hills


Some of the most spectacular hill walking me and the kids have done. Very accessible and not too far to walk to the top.

Length – 1.5 miles

Dogs – Yes.

Push chairs – Yes. Some of the slopes are less accessible so you may not make it to the peak, but there were plenty of well paved paths.


I only went to Malvern to get a pop top roof put on the campervan, I can’t believe what a beautiful area it is. I would definitely go back. I walked this route with my 5 and 2.5 year olds and I only had to carry the 2.5 year old up the last part up to the beacon.


Park on Beacon Road, WR14 4EH. Parking is charged so bring plenty of coins. Follow the path up out of the car park. You’ll get to a cross roads (or paths!) with a concrete circle, but carry on straight up.


The scenery will gradually reveal itself and it only gets better the further up you go. There are a couple of paths, but they both end up at the same place. One goes round the left hand side of the first hill and one goes over the top. It doesn’t matter which you choose they end up at the same place. We went over the top of the hill on the way there and round the side on the way back when were tired.


The next hill is the tallest. The Worcestershire Beacon. I thought I read that the Beacon is just high enough to be counted as a mountain, so I spent the whole walk telling them that they were climbing their first mountain. I’ve just tried to look this up again the verify my “fact” and it appears I may have made that up. But if you want to use it, it certainly get them walking!


Just carry on forward up the big hill in front of you. You can’t go wrong. From here you could carry on, plenty more to explore, but we headed back to the car


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