Ebbor Gorge, Priddy, Somerset


An awesomely adventurous walk, scrambling down a gorge and exploring the woods.

Length 2.2km

Dogs – Yes

Pushchairs- There is a pushchair and wheelchair friendly route at Ebbor Gorge, but it’s not the route we took.


I would not recommend this walk if you have a baby or small child in a carrier. It’s quite a scramble. I had Louie aged 3 with me and we managed it, but if he had fallen it could have been dangerous. That said if you are up for a bit of danger and adventure you’ll love it. We did. Older kids will be in their element. It was very muddy and wet, so wear wellies and waterproofs. Me and Louie were both in full waterproof clothing.


I parked at the free Ebbor Gorge car park, just past Priddy on the Deerleap Road,  BA5 1AY. From here I walked out of the car park onto the road and and turned right, walking up the road for a short distance until I got to a footpath sign on the right. Follow this path through the woods into the fields.


From here you’ll be walking along the top of the gorge through fields, you’ll go through a couple of gates and the there is a footpath on your right heading down into the gorge through the woods.


At the bottom there is a kind of T junction at a fallen tree with coins hammered into it which we used to have our lunch on, if you go straight on here the path will take you back round to the car park avoiding the scramble, I can’t advise the route as I did not do this. We went right at the fallen tree and this takes you down into the gorge further. We loved scrambling down the wet slippy rocks, it’s like climbing down a mini waterfall, so please do be careful.


From the bottom follow the path straight ahead, you’ll come to another T junction, go right then left to cross a stream, then go right again, there are signs to the car park, but I found them confusing. Here you will find some open wooded areas with statues woven form willow and an enticing stream to play in.


It’s straight forward from here, keep following the path back up the gorge, there are plenty of steps. I had Louie in a rucksack by this point and was out of breath and sweaty in my waterproofs by the time I got to the car park.


Another option is to do this route in reverse, then you’ll be climbing up the gorge rather than scrambling down which might be easier for little ones.

Map – http://www.simonlikesmaps.com/share?key=ahBzfnNpbW9ubGlrZXNtYXBzchILEgVSb3V0ZRiAgIDstcqfCgw

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