Stoke Park Sculpture Trail, Bristol.


A short, fairly flat, woodland walk with some lovely carvings to find along the way.

Length- 2.2km

Pushchairs – Yes, sturdy ones would manage I think.

Dogs – Yes.


This was an easy short walk which the kids enjoyed, it’s not the most adventurous, but a fun easy win especially for those living in Bristol. There’s some lovely carved sculptures and a rope swing. We also saw loads of interesting mushrooms which I have no idea about and you can have a picnic near the yellow castle, as I called it. Which is the yellow Dower House, built in 1563 as a private stately home, but is now converted to private flats.


There is an official map of the trail which we found really helpful to find the sculptures-


I parked on Jellicoe Ave, Bristol BS16 1WJ. It’s residential parking, so please park in a respectful manner. There is a path from here into Stoke Park which is sign posted and has a map. Down the path on the left is a little park which has swings and a climbing frame. After the park go back to the path and carry straight on through to the field at the end. Here there is a lovely carved bench. Go through the gate on the right and follow the path round to the right. From here, I recommend that you use the map on the link above.


If you want to go to the yellow castle on the way back, when you get back to ear the park turn right through a gate and down a hill where you’ll find the yellow house and lots more paths to explore.


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