Cheddar Gorge.

An absolute favourite walk of mine. The best views in the area, watching goat fights and cheese tasting afterwards.

Length- we did 1.6km but you could easily do more or less.

Push chairs – No.

Dogs – Yes.

I had never walked up Cheddar Gorge because I thought you had to pay and climb lots of steps! Then I realised you can just go up from the back and there’s not any steps and it’s free.

We parked at Black Rock car park, BS27 3QF. If you drive up the gorge from Cheddar, you’ll see in on the right. Cross the road and take the path up the hill. It’s uneven and quite steep, I had Louie with me who had just turned 3 and he managed it.

Follow the path to the top, it’s very easy, just keep going straight until you see the beautiful view. We saw goats having a fight which was great to watch. There are awesome views across the Mendips and you can see the reservoir too. You can keep walking all the way to Cheddar, but we had a picnic and headed back.

On the way back I had to put Louie in the rucksack and it was quite hard to walk down the steep rocky path with him on my back. If you have a child in a carrier I would carry them on the way up and let them walk back down. If you have a baby on your front I’d take someone with you to help you back down as you won’t be able to see your feet.

Afterwards head into lovely Cheddar for some cheese samples.

Map –

2 thoughts on “Cheddar Gorge.

  1. Struggled to find the car park/starting point for this. The post code took us to car park in the Main Street/near tourist shops… is that right?


    1. Hello, sorry you’re lost! I had a look and the post code should take you to the top of the Gorge to black rock layby. If you carry on through the time then up through the Gorge itself you’ll find Back Rock on the right, there’s a national Trust sign


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