Cadbury Camp Lane

A fairly flat route to get to the awesome views of Cadbury Camp. Added bonus of gawping at the enormous mansions.

Length – 6km to get to Cadbury Camp and back.

Dogs – Yes.

Pushchairs – Yes. You might have to leave the pushchair by the gate to get to actual cadbury camp.

We did this route with the kids on scooters which is why it’s a bit longer than usual. It’s a lovely route for scooting or cycling or indeed walking if your kids are older. Also you don’t need to do the whole route, the lane itself is very charming.

There’s a layby at the top of Cadbury Camp Lane , BS48 1PJ with room for 3 cars. You can’t drive down the road as it’s private.

The route is very easy, just follow the road, keep to the left on the main part of the road at the fork.

There are many insanely large mansions on this road, which my kids were amazed by. Why are there big gates? Why do you need a buzzer to get in? Why is their garden bigger than my school playing g field? Why are the houses so big? Louie solved that one, he said it’s so all the money fits in.

Aside from posh houses the lane itself is beautiful, hardly any cars and beautiful woodland and flowers. Lovely and quiet too.

As I said, at the fork, keep left, after which the road turns to a dirt track. There’s a gate on your left, go through and you’ll be at Cadbury Camp, an iron age hill fort with magnificent views out to the Mendip hills and over the Severn.

After you’ve enjoyed the views and beautiful meadow, head back the way you came.

Map –

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