Backwell Hill.

A beautiful wild meadow with stunning views across to Nailsea and Clevedon. Then a wander through some woodland.

Length – 2km but lots more to explore.

Dogs – Yes.

Pushchairs – yes for some of the route. You’d be ok in badgers wood I think.

A nice short walk as we were feeling lazy. There’s lots more of Badger’s wood to explore and you can also link this walk to Bourton Coombe.

We parked at the entrance to Badgers Wood, at the top of Backwell Hill, BS48 3EJ it’s a small area with room for one or two cars.

From here we walked right into the field rather than into the woods. We took the path right and down the hill through the meadow. My kids were loving the long grass (check for ticks if yours do go in). There’s a splendid panoramic view towards the sea and hills.

At the bottom of the field we turned left into the woods. There is a smaller path branching off the main path to the left after a few steps. We explored up here. Follow the small path and you’ll eventually go through a Bush arch into another beautiful meadow. This one was my favourite and I wanted to buy it and live there.

Follow the path uphill to the left, then across to the right and back into the main field. Take the path to the right across a small part of the field and into the woods.

Turn left here and head back up the hill through the woods. There’s loads of other paths to explore, but we headed to the top of the hill, past the monument and back to the car.


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