Westhay Moor Nature Reserve.

Perfect for bird watching and insect hunting. Flat walking, calm and serene.

Length – we visited every bird hide and did 4km, but you could easily fo more or less.

Dogs – Yes, but some sectione they have to be on a lead. Also they are not allowed in the bird hides.

Pushchairs- Yes, there are grassy sections so you’ll need an off roader.

My kids loved this walk, we took a book on birds to tick the ones we saw, but there are great pictures and guides in the bigger hides. If you take a picture on your phone of the bird pictures in the first hide, you can use that to identify birds in the smaller hides.

There’s a free car park Westhay Moor Drove, Westhay, Glastonbury BA6 9TX From here there’s plenty of maps of the reserve including where the hides are. There’s a lovely little walkway with carvings of life cycles of insects and food chains straight ahead. After this we went away from the car park and the main road to the main part of the reserve.

There are so many dragonflies here it is unreal. They will land on the kids if they stay still enough, some are huge as well and vibrant blue.

You don’t really need directions from me as there are so many maps in the reserve. We went left to the big hide. If there are other people in there please teach your kids to be quiet because noisy kids may scare the wildlife. My kids were so quiet for the first half of the walk. Sneaking around trying to find birds and insects. It did wear off a bit after a while, but made for a relaxing walk.

We didn’t do the mire trail, but went to all the other hides.

If you visit, consider donating some money to Somerset Wildlife Trust who maintain the reserve. They’ve done a great job. Even if you give the price you’d normally pay for parking it’ll make a difference.

Map- http://www.simonlikesmaps.com/share?key=ahBzfnNpbW9ubGlrZXNtYXBzchILEgVSb3V0ZRiAgIDc6qWVCgw

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