Blagdon Lake

Watery wandering wonders. Paddling, splashing, woods.

Length – We did 3km, but you could simply walk more or less.

Dogs- Yes

Pushchairs- Yes, well paved paths.

We parked on Park Ln, Blagdon, Bristol BS40 7UL. It’s just parking on the side of the road. From here walk over the dam and there’s a gate on the right after the dam leading into the woods round the lake.

There’s benches to rest on and a small shallow area for paddling or cooling down dogs. No swimming as it’s a reservoir.

After a while you’ll get to some bridges where we played Billy goats and trolls. You can keep walking, but we turned back after the second bridge.

It’s a linear walk with one path so you can’t go wrong really. Just turn back and retrace your steps whe you’ve walked enough.

Map –

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