Brockley Combe

Beautiful woodland with some of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen and apparently it’s haunted too!

Length- 2.6km but as always, there’s more to explore

Dogs- yes.

Pushchairs- You might be ok with a good offroader, but it was quite muddy in parts and the first part is steep.

There is a layby to park at the turn off to Fountain Timber Yard, Brockley Combe Road, BS48 3DF. It’s privately owned so park sensibly so as not to block the entrance to the timber yard.

You’ll see a gap in the fence and a small blue arrow pointing through the gap up the hill. There’s two paths, but they both go to the same place so you can choose either way.

Follow the path, you’ll get to a section with piles of logs and a warning sign. Please be sensible if there is machinery working as there was when we were there. Keep your kids close. Mine loved seeing the logs being piled up. Carry on straight here into a spooky looking section.

Apparently Brockley Combe is one of the most haunted forests in Britain, here’s a link to some stories if you wanna scare the kids.

Eventually this path curves to the left, don’t go right, this will take you down to the road. The path curves back on itself and takes you back to the piles of logs, from here retrace your steps back to the car.


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