Tynedale Monument

A magical tower with stunning views, interesting woodland and a hill fort.

Length – 3.8km but it could be much shorter. Lots of options

Dogs- yes

Pushchairs – if you’re handy with an offroader you might be ok.

I’ve not written in a while, lack of time, not travelling much because of the virus and general lack of time and motivation. But I received an email from someone who said they’d moved to Bristol with their toddler just before lockdown and that my walks have really helped keep them going. I was so touched I thought I’d start writing again.

I parked in the village of Nibley, there are a few parking spots and layby on the Wotton Road, GL11 6DS. There is also a pub, which was closed when I visited. Don’t put Tynedale Monument in Google Maps, it will take you to a residential street from which you cannot access the walk.

On Wotton Road just before the turning for the pub you’ll see a footpath sign. Follow this path up the hill, then at the top follow signs for the Cotswold Way heading right. You’ll pass through a small quarry, then head up and you’ll see the monument ahead.

Unfortunately, you can’t go inside, but I told my son it was magical and there are great views. After enjoying these, follow the path left, following the fence towards the woods.

There are lots of trails through the woods, there are also wooden signs which we used to see which letters and numbers we could recognise. We kept right which led us to the site of a hill fort. My kids love running up and down the slopes parts.

We carried on keeping right which led to more lovely views. The path then veers left and there are a couple of options of left hand turns which head back to the start of the woods. These are larger wider paths through pine trees. Once we left the woods, we headed back the way we came.

One of the reasons I’ve not been writing is that I get a lot of comments about what people should or shouldn’t be doing during Covid times. I have a lot of followers now and feel a responsibility to be doing the right thing. However, I’ve decided that everyone needs to be responsible for thier own decisions on where they travel and who with, so please be kind and don’t judge me or others.

Map – http://www.simonlikesmaps.com/share?key=ahBzfnNpbW9ubGlrZXNtYXBzchILEgVSb3V0ZRiAgICcpqWGCgw

One thought on “Tynedale Monument

  1. Thank you for sharing, we are also new to Bristol with little ones and have loved trying out the walks on here!


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