Bleadon Hill

I loved this walk so much, just the right length, ups and downs but not too hilly and beautiful views.

Length – 3km but lots more to explore

Pushchairs- a good off roader might he ok. It was muddy and puddly in winter.

Dogs – Yes

We parked at the layby on Roman Road, Bleadon, BS24 0AD. From here walk west, we walked along the road, it’s not busy and not far to go. Straight ahead you’ll see a footpath, head down there.

It was very muddy and full of puddles when we went which the kids loved. There are awesome views over towards Weston. At the end of this path we turned right, but as it’s a circuit from here you can  go either way. I’ll be telling the directions I took.

So head right, up the hill. At the top there’s a junction, turn left. Basically after this if you just keep turning left you’ll get back to the first path. You’ll now have a stunning view of Crooks Peak, head down the hill and turn left at a cute house I wish I lived in.

From here simply turn left and left again up a hill and you’ll see the first footpath you came down on your right.


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