The aim of this blog is to encourage people with young children to get out and explore their local area. Wild adventure walks are a favourite thing to do for both me and my 3 year old. I love the outdoors and it gives us some one on one time whilst my 7 month old enjoys looking around from the baby carrier.

I found all these walks after buying an ordinence survey map and choosing random footpaths to explore. So far ever walk has been a success. I’ve found all footpaths to be well maintained. Ordinance Survey also have a phone app which has been really useful. When you buy a map you get that map in detail on the app as well. It uses GPS so you can see where you are im the map.  I use a baby Bjorn carrier to carry the baby and I reccomend wearing boots as paths can be muddy even in good weather. I always take snacks and water, suncream and waterproofs.  You never know in England.

I walk with Frankie aged 3 and Louie, 7 months.

If you have a walk you’d like featured on this blog please contact me.