Glastonbury Tor


Unbelievably, I had never been to Glastonbury Tor before this weekend. I thought that it would be too steep for the kids to climb up. I was wrong, they loved it.

Length- 1.2km to the top and back.

Push chairs- No.


I’m not going to tell you in detail how to walk up, it’s pretty well sign posted, there is a park and ride to the Tor from Glastonbury or find some street parking as we did, you can walk there from town, it’s about half a mile.


My kids, aged 5 and 2.5 walked all the way to the top and down and then into town. They were knackered by then though! The views for the top are amazing. 360 degree views across the Mendips and out to the channel. Careful with kids and dogs at the top there are steep drops. Enjoy!

Map –

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