Sand Point, Kewstoke.


A short easy climb which gives you the most spectacular coastal views.


Push chairs – No.

Dogs – Yes (but not if they’re prone to throwing themselves off cliffs)

I loved the views on this walk and the uphill part was minimal. The only thing to watch out for is the wind. It was so gusty when we got near the end that we had to turn back and I even made Frankie crawl along the floor as a genuinely thought she might be blown over! Just go on a calm day.

We parked in the National Trust car park at the end of Beach Road, BS22 9UD, it’s a paying car park so bring some change, think it was about £3.50.

Head towards the point, take the path heading uphill to the left, it’s a short climb which is not steep and has some interesting trees to climb on.

At the top you’ll pop out onto a wide open grassy area and a bench to rest as well as a trig point to visit. Follow this path forward out towards the sea. There are some really fun little hills to run up and down which also act as good windbreaks for a picnic.

At points the path is a bit rocky so be careful. When we turned back we took the path down to the left. This was very narrow with a cliff to one side, so when the kids were smaller I didn’t go this way, you know your kids and if they can be trusted not to jump off cliffs. If you want you can just walk back the way you came.

Follow the path and you see a secret beach coming up on your left. Follow the path down hill and climb the stile into the field. At the far corner where the field meets the beach is a place you can access the beach. There are some great rock formations and we found loads of fossils.

From here we walked across the field with the sea on our left, after the water trough on your right start walking right up the hill, you’ll eventually find a gate in the hedge which leads back to the car park.


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