Woodspring Priory

Beautiful coastal views and secret beaches make this walk one of my new favourites.

Length – we did 3.4km but you could easily do more or less. There’s loads to explore.

Dogs – yes

Pushchairs – You might be ok with a good offroader. Most of the walk is on grass.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find this place! It’s definitely one to revisit as there was so much we didn’t see. The priory itself was closed, so we will have to return to visit it.

We parked in the National Trust car park, take the track on the right just before the gate to the priory itself, Woodspring Priory, Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare BS22 9YU.

From here we headed up the steps and through the gate at the top, there’s a lovely view of the estuary. Go through the gate at the top and follow the path parallel to the river where you’ll fi d a large pond. My kids loved “fishing” with long sticks, also collecting different types of grass.

Head through the metal gate near the top side of the pond, there’s lots of paths and it doesn’t really matter which you take as long as you go up hill. We went on the left most path. The meadow is beautiful, full of tiny flowers. We carried on up into the main field and marvelled and the sea views. There’s a disused industrial site up there where you can see skeletons of machinery in the sea.

Carry on left along the coast with the sea on your right. There’s a lovely view of Clevedon. Keep going following the path nearest the cliff (don’t worry, there’s loads of gorse bushes to top kids falling off).

You’ll see a path leading down through the gorse, follow it and you’ll reach a secret beach. You can access the beach by going right, there’s a small path close to a steep drop, but it’s short and manageable, then we climbed down the rocks to the beach. We found loads of fossils here which the kids loved.

We headed back the way we came and cut across the big field back to the gate near the pond. It’s easy to find. But if you wanted you could walk all the way to Sand Point.

Map – http://www.simonlikesmaps.com/share?key=ahBzfnNpbW9ubGlrZXNtYXBzchILEgVSb3V0ZRiAgIDM0q6RCgw

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