Rowberrow Warren

A woodland walk with a fun stream. Plenty to explore, long walks and short.

Length – we did 2.9km but there was loads more we could have done.

Dogs – Yes

Pushchairs – You could do most with a good off road pushchair I think.

This was a lovely walk featuring many of my favourite things in a walk with kids. Woodland, a small stream for splashing in, huge ferns (I love ferns) and a pub.

When we walked I had twisted my ankle so we didn’t explore as much as we could have. Also it was lockdown so I can’t vouch for the quality of the pub, but it did have a play area and presumably sells beer so I’m happy.

We parked in the car park of The Swan, Roberrow Lane, Rowberrow, BS25 1QL. Please only park here if you will be visiting the pub and also don’t park on the roads in the village, it’s a small village with narrow roads.

From here, cross the road and head down School Lane. At the bottom follow the track as it curves to the right. Follow this track past some lovely houses and after the last you’ll see a sign for Rowberrow Warren.

A small stream will be on your left, plenty of opportunities for play here. Watch out not to wander up the mountain bike tracks, so your kids don’t get run over. They are well marked with no walking signs.

You’ll get to a point where you can go left or right or straight on is a sign post to Cheddar. We went left up the hill, then first left back down again.

After a while we took the next left which goes back down to the stream, but you could easily make it a round walk by carrying on. My ankle was hurting so I wanted to go home.


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